You Keep Getting Bacterial Vaginosis Around Your Period And After Having Sex? - What You Can Do To Stop BV Form Recurring

As you might already know, the female reproductive system is somewhat more complicated that the male reproductive system. That is why women are more prone to having infections. There is so much that can be said about the complicated nature of a female reductive system, however in this article I will be talking about the relationship between having sex and having bacterial vaginosis after that, or having bacterial vaginosis during your period. Why do some women keep getting BV around their period and after having sex? This is a million dollar question and in this short article I will try to answer it. I will also give you some really interesting and effective ways you can use to treat and completely get rid of this infection so you never have it reoccurring again.

BV Around Your Period And After Having Sex

You keep getting bacterial vaginosis around your period and after having sex and you want to find out what you can do to stop BV from recurring. It is always advisable to consult with your physician when you experience a recurrence of BV. There are also things that you can do on your own to prevent it.

Hormonal imbalance may happen around your period that triggers bacterial vaginosis, while being active in sex especially with multiple or new partners increases your risk for BV. Knowing the triggers for your bacterial vaginosis will help a lot in finding the best remedy for recurring infection.

By and large, here are the things you can do when you keep getting bacterial vaginosis around your period and after having sex to stop and prevent the infection:

• Maintain the natural ph level of your vagina that can be disturbed during menstruation. You can do this with a natural lactobacillus acidophilus treatment. Take probiotics and increase your folic acid by eating more fruits and vegetables that are rich with this nutrient.

• If you can, you should practice monogamous sex or limiting your sexual activities to a single partner. Learn how to maintain proper vaginal hygiene, before and after sex most especially. From within, you have to strengthen your immune system that will serve as your shield against any form of infections including BV.

If you keep getting bacterial vaginosis around your period and after having sex, consult your physician to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. On your own, strictly observe proper vaginal hygiene especially around your menstruation period, before and after sex, and increase your body's natural defense to fight against bacterial infections.

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