Batrafen Vaginal Cream or Gyno-Travogen Cream - Which Is A Better Use For Bacterial Vaginosis?

If you read around the internet, you will find so many diffident creams suggested as a way for treating bacterial vaginosis. There are many different things you can use to treat this infection; Such as natural, herbal, medication homemade remedies and many others, however, if you have opted to use creams, then it is important you get one that can actually work, and have proven to work. In this short article, I will be talking about 2 vaginal creams which have a track record of treating bacterial vaginosis: Batrafen Vaginal Cream or Gyno-Travogen Cream. Which of these creams is better for BV?
Batrafen Vaginal Cream or Gyno-Travogen Cream

Batrafen Vaginal Cream or Gyno-Travogen Cream seems to be a viable choice to use for bacterial vaginosis. However while both are vaginal medication in cream or suppository forms often used to treat vaginal infections, they may not be the appropriate treatment for bacterial vaginosis or BV.

Batrafen vaginal cream for instance is categorized as an anti-fungal medication. This means that it is a medication to treat infection caused by fungus and not those that are caused by bacteria. You must know that bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria and not by fungus.

Gyno-Travogen cream works similarly as that of Batrafen vaginal cream. They can control the infection caused by yeast or fungi such as with candidiasis but they do not work with bacterial vaginosis as the infection is caused by bacteria.

You do not have to choose between Batrafen Vaginal Cream or Gyno-Travogen Cream to use for bacterial vaginosis as neither cream can bring you long lasting freedom from the infection. What you need is a natural solution to bring back the normal balance of bacteria in your vagina.

You see, the vagina has a natural way to cleanse itself and get rid of the bacteria that cause the infection. You just have to activate or boost the vagina's natural defense against these bad bacteria. For instance, observing proper hygiene of the vagina is a must.

You can also strengthen you defense by eating the right foods that will give you the essential nutrients to fight bacteria. Specific nutrients like folic acid helps in restoring the good balance of bacteria in the vaginal area so you won't have to make a choice between Batrafen Vaginal Cream or Gyno-Travogen Cream to use for bacterial vaginosis.

As said above, there a so many more options at your disposal for treating BV. Natural remedies have proven to work really well, especially when you know which once to use. The secret here is to do as much research as you can on these natural remedies and locate the once which have a good track record and have worked for most of the women who tried it.

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