Does Not Taking A Shower For 5 Days Cause Bacterial Vaginosis? - Causes And Treatments For BV

Each time we have an infection we try to trace its cause. This is simply due to the popular saying and belief that prevention is better than cure. If you know what caused that infection, you will try to prevent it in the future. Bacterial vaginosis is one of these infections which can be caused by just anything capable of disrupting the normal pH levels in the vagina. But what about not taking a shower for a given number of days? Can it really cause BV? In this article I will try to give an answer to this question and hopefully it will enable you prevent this infection form recurring every now and then.

Does Not Taking A Shower For 5 Days Cause Bacterial Vaginosis?

Maintaining good hygiene can prevent many distressing conditions, including vaginal infections. If you suddenly get a case of bacterial vaginosis as confirmed by your doctor, you probably want to ask several questions, among which may be, "Does not taking a shower for 5 days cause bacterial vaginosis?" The root cause of bacterial vaginosis may not have been the inability to shower.

However, being unhygienic may contribute to the proliferation of "bad" bacteria as opposed to "good" bacteria in the vagina. There must be a balance of the good and bad types of bacteria in the vaginal area. Even over cleaning the vagina may disrupt the bacterial balance. A traditional way to treat bacterial vaginosis is through medication, but this sometimes comes with unpleasant side effects. The effects of prescribed medication – whether it works or not, and the side effects created – need to be reported to your physician so that more effective cures may be considered.

Addressing bacterial vaginosis by applying vaginal creams and/or taking supplements also need to be consulted with a doctor. The latter will know exactly which strains of beneficial bacteria can directly address the imbalance in the vaginal flora. So if you continue to wonder "Does not taking a shower for 5 days cause bacterial vaginosis?" a thorough discussion with a medical specialist and reading health sites will surely enlighten you. Besides maintaining good hygienic habits, be wary of risk factors that increase the probability of getting bacterial vaginosis. These include having multiple sex partners, chain smoking, douching and using soaps (wit irritating ingredients) in the vaginal area

If your question, "Does not taking a shower for 5 days cause bacterial vaginosis?" has been answered, explore treatment options ranging from doctor-prescribed antibiotics to natural remedies.

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