Bacterial Vaginosis And Its Effect On Miscarriages - Can A Miscarriage Occur Due to Bacterial Vaginosis

Getting pregnant can sometimes be a very difficult takes to some women. Before pregnancy occurs, or once it occurs, various measures should be taken to protect it. One way of doing this is to check and try to diagnose some common infections which could cause a miscarriage. Miscarriages have always proven to be difficult for couples to handle, especially couples who find it difficult to get pregnant. Once pregnancy has occurred, everything should be done so it gets to its full term.

Bacterial vaginosis has for long now been linked to causing miscarriages in women. But is this really true? What exactly is bacterial vaginosis and its effects of miscarriages? Can BV actually cause women to miscarry? If yes, then what can be done to remedy the situation? In this article I try to answer this question and also give you some few tips and tricks on how to cure and completely get rid of your BV

Bacterial Vaginosis And Its Effect On Miscarriages

Let's face facts. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that can be very stressful especially if you are pregnant. Expectant mothers are facing worries such as bacterial vaginosis and its effect on miscarriages.

Technically, a miscarriage occurs before the twentieth week of pregnancy while preterm delivery happens after 24 weeks. The link between preterm delivery and bacterial vaginosis has long been established. The fast growth of bacteria when a woman has BV can affect the rate of labor. The bacteria in the amniotic fluid and in the placenta that causes babies to be born prematurely are believed to have come from the vagina.

Studies on the connection of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and miscarriages show that the infection only has an effect on miscarriages that occur on the second trimester (from the thirteenth to the nineteenth week) of pregnancy. However, the first three months of pregnancy seem to be unaffected. Bacterial vaginosis and its effect on miscarriages are still being discovered. Nevertheless, it would be better to have yourself tested if you are pregnant even if you are not seeing signs of BV. Even doctors are recommending a pre-screening for the said infection.

Bacterial vaginosis and its effect on miscarriages cannot be ignored. Bacterial vaginosis will harm an unborn child if undiagnosed and untreated. Early detection can lessen the risk of miscarriage. BV can be treated. If you are diagnosed, you will be given an antibiotic, which is safe for you and your baby. So if you are expecting, go to your physician and have yourself screened.

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