Gardnerella Only Means You Have A Vaginal BV Infection?

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I suppose everyone would agree with me that the female reproductive system is quite complex and its several times more susceptible to getting infections – I mean more than the male system. There are numerous infections that affect women down there and bv is one of them which though not so talked about in our media, affect about 1 out of every 3 women! In this article, I will be throwing more light on the infection and will be discussing its connection with Gardnerella. Dose gardnerella only means you have a vaginal BV infection? How dose this infection come about? How can you treat the infection?

Gardnerella And Its Relationship With Vaginal bv infections

Gardnerella sounds like a name of a beautiful lady. But don't be deceived by how pleasing it sounds! It is a kind of anaerobic bacteria found in the vagina. It has been found that its overgrowth may cause a yucky discharge and fishy smell down there. What's the difference between Gardnerella and bacterial vaginosis?

There are different bacteria that are involved in Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Some of them are Gardnerella , Mobiluncus, Bacteroides, and Mycoplasma. Since two of the commonest bacteria are Gardnerella species, the term was used to describe the infection. Gardnerella Barely Means You Have Bv.

The difference between Gardnerella and bacterial vaginosis is, Gardnerella is a microorganism while Bacterial vaginosis is the infection brought about by that microorganism. Technically, Gardnerella infection is what is commonly often known as Bv. The terminology might be spelled in a different way but Gardnerella Simply Means You Have Bv.

Both are used to describe an infection down there. They sound differently too. Gardnerella beyond doubt sounds better than a very technical Bacterial Vaginosis. The term "bacterial" sounds very negative and connotes damaging meaning. For many of those who are not doctors, anything that has to do with bacteria is assumed to be dirty and unappealing. However, the term Gardnerella sounds like something which is used to call an attractive person.

Make no mistake about it. You can choose which one you prefer to call it. You would not want your partner or potential partner be turned off right? Unless they are physicians, they would have no idea about the difference between Gardnerella and bv.

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