Symptoms of A Bacterial Infection - Early Symptoms of A Bacterial Infection And BV

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The treatment of every infection, disease or illness is always dependent on how soon it was diagnosed and how proper the diagnosis was. It is very important therefore to know the various and early symptoms of some common infections, so we can easily and quickly go for a medical checkup or proper diagnose whenever we see any of these symptoms popup. In this short article, I will be talking about symptoms of a bacterial infection. I will be outlining the early symptoms which can help you know if you are having another bout of bacterial vaginosis or not.

Symptoms of A Bacterial Infection

When looking up for famous STDs, there are the usual HIV, HPV and Gonorrhoea. Surprisingly, there is one name added on the top list and that is Bacterial Vaginosis. It is said to be more common in women then chlamydia. What is BV and what are some of the early symptoms of a bacterial infection and BV?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a vaginal disease and infection that commonly targets women during the childbearing age. It is said to be caused the imbalance between good and bad bacteria wherein the bad ones outgrow the good. This disrupts the normal balance in the vagina. Studies show that most women with BV doesn’t show signs or have symptoms of the infection. For those who did have symptoms, here are early symptoms they noticed:

The first and most common early symptom or sign of a bacterial infection and BV is the abnormal vaginal discharge. A discharge in a woman’s reproductive organ is normal however, if they noticed more discharge than the regular, they may have BV. This is a thin liquid that is usually colored yellow, gray and sometimes white. The discharge gives off a strong fish like odor. This unpleasant odor given off by the vagina is regular; however, if it gives off something stronger than usual, there may be a chance that a woman has BV.

Another early symptom of a bacterial infection is the burning sensation during urination. When the BV attacks, it can also affect the bladder. Some women diagnosed with BV also reported pain when urinating. These are sure signs of a bacterial infection or worst, a STD. Lastly, women with BV also experience itching around the vagina, specifically on the outside. It may become swollen and the itch will be uncontrollable.

The early symptoms of a bacterial infection and BV are signs that it’s a serious disease and would need treatment to avoid further complications. Any abnormality and irregular changes should be consulted to doctors, as it can be worse than what is on the outside.

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