Preventing bacterial vaginosis by Maintaing a Healthy Hygiene - Hints in Keeping a Proper Hygiene

Preventing bacterial vaginosis by Maintaing a Healthy Hygiene - Hints in Keeping a Good Hygiene

Maintaining a good hygiene is necessary in having a healthy body but with frequent vaginal douching is a different story. When you douch your vagina more often than recommended it could alter the normal ph within the vagina. As a result the harmful bacteria that live inside outgrow the good ones causing a condition called bacterial vaginosis. This infection is common to most women all over the world.

Vaginal bv infections is a highly preventable condition. The truth is, there are plenty of ways to avoid BV infections but the single most effective prevention is to maintain a good and proper hygiene. Now, let me give you some of the ways to maintain a healthy hygiene.

First, it is always important to wash your vagina with clean water regularly at least 2 to 3 times a day. ensure you only use water to avoid any irritations in the area. Keep your vagina dry and clean since most bacteria like to grow in dark and wet areas.

Next tip is to wear 100% cotton underwear and loose clothing for the vaginal skin to breathe better. It promotes a cool atmosphere for the vagina as well. Never forget to change underwear at least daily to prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the vagina.

After moving a bowel or urinating, you should always wipe the perineal area from front to back to prevent the introduction of bacteria from your anus to the vagina. Washing with water is also good and effective in getting rid of harmful bacteria.

These are just some of the best way to maintain a healthy hygiene to prevent bv.

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