Excellent Natural cures for Vaginosis at Home - How to Cure BV at Home

Excellent Natural remedies for Vaginosis at Home - Tips on how to Cure BV at Home

vaginal bv infections is caused by an irritation of the tissues of the vagina which is the result an overgrowth of the harmful bacteria. The symptoms are very disturbing and embarrassing. If you've bv and you wish to get rid of it effectively and fast here are the excellent natural BV treatments for you to try at home.

Yogurt is considered the most excellent natural treatment for vaginosis at home. A way of using it is by drinking 2 to 3 cups a day. But a more effective way is to insert it into your vagina with a tampon and let it stay for couple of hours. Doing this daily is recommended.

Another effective way to cure bacterial vaginosis is by wearing cotton and loose clothing because this allows the vaginal skin to have a room to breathe. This promotes a cooler surrounding for the vagina as well as lessening perspiration to the area.

Also an easy way to decrease the redness and inflammation of the vagina is to soak a piece of cloth in cold water and apply it over the affected area for few minutes.

Always maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle. the perfect way to do this is to practice safe sex by using protections like condoms or as much as possible abstain from having sexual intercourse during the course of the disease. Having multiple partners is also discouraged.

Lastly, using tea tree oil is also very effective in treating bv at home. its one of the most powerful natural antiseptics that could help to naturally kill the harmful bacteria and cure foul vaginal odor.

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