Causes And Treament Alternatives For Bacterial Vaginosis - Getting rid of Your BV With Alternative Methods

Causes And Treament Ways For Vaginal bv infections - Treating Your BV With Alternative Methods

As defined in the Medical dictionary, Vaginal bv infections is an inflammation of the tissues inside the vagina that causes some unpleasant symptoms like abnormal vaginal discharges, fishy foul odor, vaginal itching and burning sensation inside the vagina.

These symptoms are usually very disturbing and very embarrassing. bacterial vaginosis is the result of the overgrowth of harmful bacteria within the vagina which maybe caused by the alteration of the normal ph level. Some factors that could also result to bv are as follows: having multiple sexual partners, frequent douching and recent use of antibiotics.

Once you notice that you are manifesting the symptoms of bv don't hesitate to consult your gynecologist to ask some advices in how to fight the infection. on the other hand here are some effective home remedies you can use to cure vaginosis:

Let’s start with the simplest tip you may do to cure bacterial vaginosis which is washing your vagina with clean water regularly. Make sure to use only water since it is the safest liquid to use. Always keep your vagina clean and dry to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. its also advisable to wear cotton and loose clothing to provide the vaginal skin some room to breathe. This also promotes a cool environment for the vagina and can minimize sweating in the area as well.

Using yogurt also is an excellent way to fight bv. its recommended to drink 3 glasses of yogurt daily as well as inserting a tampon soaked with yogurt into your vagina. This is very effective in restoring the normal balance of your vagina thus treating vaginal bv infections naturally.

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