Would You Pick Up Bacterial Vaginosis If You Are NOT Having Intercourse? - How A Good Number Of People Get Bacterial Vaginosis Without Having Sexual Intercourse

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The medical world as of now can not tell 100 percent what causes bacterial vaginosis. Because of this, there are various theories and fantasies around this infection. Some people say it is a sexually transmitted disease while some say it's not. Some people say you get it when you are not as clean as you should have been down there, while some say it has nothing to do with being clean. This article will nonetheless endeavor to answer the pressing question: can you get bacterial vaginosis if you are not having sex? But before we get there, let's briefly explain what this infection is and some simple facts about it.

What Exactly Is Bv And How Does It Come About?

Imagine a land with good and bad citizens. When bad citizens dominate over the good ones, the land will suffer. That land is your vagina and the citizens are the bacteria that naturally thrive there. Bacterial Vaginosis (Bacterial vaginosis) is when the bad bacteria dominate.

Considering that this infection happens more often to sexually active women, many suppose that Bacterial vaginosis can only be transmitted through sex. However, there are cases when sexually inexperienced people also get the infection. Read on to find out how most people get bacterial vaginosis without having sex.

The actual reason for Bacteria vaginosis is yet to be agreed upon by the scientific community. The main point is, the number of bacteria within the vagina ought to be balanced. Improper diet, some soaps and certain type of garments disturb the balance. Being careless with food, hygiene products and clothing is how most people get bacterial vaginosis without having sexual intercourse.

Somebody's chosen lifestyle also influences the bacteria levels within the vagina. Douching or putting water into the vagina for hygienic reasons possibly will increase the risk of getting Bacterial vaginosis. Poor hygiene practices like not taking regular baths may also disrupt the balance. Even smoking tobacco has been linked to BV. These activities aint sexual in nature.

So there you have it. Anything or any activity, that may affect the natural flora within the vagina, is how many people get bacterial vaginosis without having sexual intercourse. Armed with this information, you may make better choices so as to prevent having the said infection.

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