Vagina Yeast Infection - Is Vaginal Yeast Infection The Same As Bacterial Vaginosis?

Vaginal infection is commonly defined as the imbalance of the natural bacteria that are thriving around the vaginal area. There are different kinds of vaginal infection; one of them is the vagina yeast infection.

Vagina yeast infection is also called thrush. It is commonly caused by the fungi called Candida albicans. It is a common type of fungus and it is normally present in small amounts in the mouth, vagina, skin and the digestive tract. But when its population increases, infection occurs.

This imbalance usually happens when there are antibiotics that are administered in the area, prompting the good bacteria to die and letting the Candida albicans grow more. It is also common for pregnant and diabetic women to be infected because these conditions are perfect for the fungi to grow on.

Thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease although men who have had sex with a yeast-infected partner would most likely develop itching and rash on their penis after having sex.

This disease is very confusing since it also has the same symptoms for other vaginal infections. It can be easily misdiagnosed. If infections repeat immediately after the successful treatment or if the yeast infection does not respond to any treatment, it may be a sign that the patient has HIV.

Vagina yeast infection is different from bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by bacteria, unlike the yeast infection, which is caused by a fungus. Although both are the same vaginal infections and both have the same symptoms, their origins are differen.

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