BV Cures - Things You Can Do To Cure Your Bacterial Vaginosis For Good

Bacterial vaginosis or BV cures are aplenty. You just have to know what works for you.

Vaginal infections are one of the most common infections in the field of women’s health. It affects 50-75 % of women, usually in the childbearing age. Most common is bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is basically an imbalance of the bacteria in the vaginal area.

BV sometimes may go unnoticed because it’s asymptomatic. But when symptoms like itching, foul odor, and (sometimes) bleeding occur, it is difficult not to ignore it. It is uncomfortable and usually leads to serious complications. Definitely, one should have it treated.

BV cures are commonly antibiotics. Metronidazole is a common prescription. Usually administered at 400 mg twice a day as a capsule, it is one of the most convenient forms of treatment. Other BV cures are vaginal antibiotic creams but it usually breaks the latex in condoms and diaphragms.

There are other BV Cures but sometimes, the effective BV cure is not treating it at all, leaving the body to repair itself using the body’s innate immune system.

Another popular BV cure that can be administered from the home is the yogurt. Just apply unsweetened, plain yogurt on the affected part. Many say that this is the most effective method. BV doesn’t recur after the yogurt treatment, followers say. This is probably because of the good bacteria in the yogurt.

BV can be cured for good if one practices good hygiene. Because BV results from imbalanced bacterial growth, one should always maintain the balance of the bacteria in and around the vagina. Always change underwear, wash once a day and use cotton panties.

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