Bacterial Vagi - How To Treat Bacterial Vagi And Stop It From Coming Back

Bacterial vaginosis or bacterial vagi are one of the most common infections in the field of women’s health. It affects more than fifty percent of the cases of vaginal infections and most don’t know anything about it because it is asymptomatic.

When Bacterial vaginosis is asymptomatic, it’s okay for it to go untreated. In the first place, you wouldn’t know that you are infected anyway. But when Bacterial vagi is symptomatic, the treatment should be immediate to prevent more complications and provide faster relief, since the symptoms like vaginal itching, vaginal pain and vaginal bleeding are quite uncomfortable and noticeable.

One of the most common treatments of bacterial vaginosis is antibiotics. Of course, since antibiotics is antibacterial. The most common prescription for it is Metronidazole, usually taken twice a day in 400mg tablets. One has to be careful about it though, since it has a lot of side effects, like vomiting. One should also not take it with alcohol because it would react with the drugs and make one feel nauseous. Also, breastfeeding moms should be aware that Metronidazole gets into breast milk. It also affects the pill and contraceptive patch effects, so it’s probably a good idea to consult the doctor first when planning to take this drug.

Another method in treating bacterial vagi is the antibiotic creams. The creams are also made of Metronidazole and it has the same effects. It can also break the latex in condoms and diaphragm so it’s not very safe when combined with contraception.

When the bacterial vagi are finally treated, the only way for it not to recur is prevention. To prevent it from recurring, practice good hygiene: wash at least once a day, change underwear everyday and use white cotton panties.

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