Using Canesten Cream For Treating BV - Can Bacterial Vaginosis be Treated with Canesten Cream?

There is quite a lot you can do to treat bacterial vaginosis. There are medical treatments which most women go for. There are also herbal and natural remedies which have proven to be very effective in treating this infection. Whatever treatment option you choose to use for your BV, just make sure you follow up the full treatment and do not stop it until the full dose have been taken, - else you risk having what is often referred to as recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

In this article I will be talking about one cream which is also known for treating BV- Canesten Cream. How effective is Using Canesten Cream For Treating BV.

Take some time to read this quick story. There is a girl with abnormal discharge. Her discharge has a foul odor and she thought it was yeast infection. So she bought Canesten cream from the pharmacy before heading to the doctor. She then found out that it was bacterial vaginosis and was given antibiotics for it. Not wanting to spend more money, she used the Canesten, thinking that it can also treat her condition. Will using Canesten cream for treating BV be effective?

Like other infections, it is important to consult the doctor first. In the girl's case, she diagnosed herself and even tried to have self-medication. Understanding one's condition will lead to better treatment and a medical professional is the best source of information and is the best person to answer one's questions.

Canesten cream is used to treat fungal infections like yeast, ringworm and jock itch. Though exhibiting similar symptoms with yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginosis is caused by bacteria and not by fungi. Bacteria and fungi are two different organisms. Bacteria are treated with antibiotics. Using Canesten cream for treating BV will not work.

Make no mistake about it. When dealing with health problems such as Bacterial Vaginosis, always consult a doctor first before trying out some medication. Self-diagnosis and self-medication can lead to worse problems. As for the girl's case, she discovered that using Canesten cream for treating BV is not a good idea. She ended up spending more money because her infection got worse and she has to buy more antibiotics.

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