Is This Salty Taste Resulting From Bacterial Vaginosis? - BV And Salty Vaginal Taste

It is but normal that we want to have good health both in and out. Women are always faced with all sorts of complications especially down there. One common complain given by women is a salty vaginal taste. Most women who have this salty taste usually do not know what is causing it and what they should do to get rid of it or how to go about it. In most cases the salty vaginal taste in blamed on bacterial vaginosis. Can we really blame it on it? Or is there something more behind it than BV? In this short article I will try to give an answer to this question and also give you some of the best ways to cure and totally get rid of bacterial vaginosis so you never have any recurrences of the infection.

BV And Salty Vaginal Taste – how to get rid of the salty virginal taste

If you've noted a strong, fishy odor down there and upon checking, you have thin, grayish white vaginal discharge and a somewhat inflamed vulva, chances are, you have bacterial vaginosis (BV). This condition may not be resolved simply by taking multiple baths and douching. In fact, douching may exacerbate your condition since it can upset your vagina's normal pH balance.

A case of BV signals lack of friendly and beneficial bacteria, thereby wreaking havoc on vaginal health. Choosing an over-the-counter treatment suited for vaginal infections like yeast also may not work for bacterial vaginosis.

A gynecologist may prescribe prescription drugs, which may or may not be effective. So what's a woman to do if the unpleasant smell has become quite embarrassing, and her significant other has noted a salty, acidic taste down there? The affected woman may cringe and wonder, "Is this salty taste resulting from bacterial vaginosis?"

A salty vaginal discharge may be dealt with by treating the cause rather than just addressing the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. It wouldn't hurt to add healthier items to your diet, like natural yogurt with good bacteria. Probiotics with live cultures can keep BV and other chronic vaginal infections at bay. Update your knowledge also on the various causes of bacterial vaginosis, more so if you're clueless on answers to questions like "Is this salty taste resulting from bacterial vaginosis?" Factors like regular use of birth control pills, too much stress, and hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy or menstruation may trigger BV.

So if you and your partner are wondering what's causing your body to go haywire and thinking, "Is this salty taste resulting from bacterial vaginosis?" you can undertake some steps to correct the imbalance in your vaginal flora.

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