Vaginal Odor - Things You Can Do To Cure the Fishy BV Vaginal Odor

It is true that women do not smell rose down there. It is also true that they do not smell rotten fish either. If you have a strong fishy and very bad vaginal odor, then it is time you checked out for possible infections and other things which can be potential dangers to your reproductive health. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the main infections which can make the vagina to smell really bad and in most cases reduces the self confidence of women who are affected, and in some cases if left untreated can decrease a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. In this article I will give you some few tips and tricks on how to treat your bacterial vaginosis and stop this very bad odor from running your life.

There are many things a person diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis have to go through. The endless treatment, the constant discharge, the burning and itching, and lastly, dealing with vaginal odor. A woman experiencing Bacterial Vaginosis has to deal with an abnormal discharge in her vagina. This discharge also comes with a baggage, a strong fish like odor. If you are experiencing BV or simply vaginal odor, here are the things you can do to cure the fishy BV vaginal odor:

One thing to note before panicking on your vaginal scent is that naturally the vagina does emit a certain odor. However, if it smells unusual or fishier than before, you ought to have that checked by a doctor. Also, many women think that the vaginal smell is because of lack of hygiene. So what they do is they excessively wash their private parts to make the smell go away. What they don’t know is that this makes it even worse.

To cure the fishy BV odor, it is best to always change your sanitary protection and make sure that it is clean and changed regularly. Avoid wearing tight panties or thong that doesn’t allow the vagina to breathe. This worsens the foul smell that the vagina emits. Use panties or underwear that is breathable like cotton and other fabrics. And lastly, if you have vaginal odor due to Bacterial Vaginosis, it is best to have this checked by a doctor and seek treatment. Although the smell will not go away right after the antibiotics, it is part of the lasting effects of it.

Simple tips like this can only help you with getting rid of the vaginal odor. It is still best to seek professional help before BV worsens into something that cannot be controlled.

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