Ways to Decrease Your Odds of Incurring Vaginal bv infections - Save Yourself from Infertility

Methods to Decrease Your Probability of Incurring Bv — Save Yourself from Infertility

Ways on ways to decrease your probability of incurring vaginal bv infections (BV) are quite simple and easy to understand. Although the actual cause of this vaginal problem is not known, there are some things that have been linked to its development. And in order for you to lessen the odds of having bacterial vaginosis, it only makes sense to avoid practicing the things that are linked to it.

One of the things women do that have had a strong link to bacterial vaginosis is having sex with multiple men. Sure it is fun and all, but if you let numerous penises inside of you, you’re also letting in lots of other things. Having unprotected sex has also been shown to increase probability of having BV. So sticking with only one partner and practicing safe sex are two of the ways on how to decrease your probability of incurring bacterial vaginosis.

One more way on ways to decrease your possibilities of incurring vaginal bv infections is to avoid intra-uterine devices (IUD). This promotes the growth of bacteria if not maintained properly. which is why if you really don’t want the bother of having a piece of plastic put inside you it would be wise to choose another method of contraception.

Avoiding douching is also one of the ways on methods to decrease your chances on incurring bacterial vaginosis. The solutions used in this cleaning method not only kill the bad bacteria but also the good ones. But if you prefer doing this, then an apple cider vinegar is a good alternative.

BV is not just a simple problem. If left untreated, the bacteria can creep up to your uterus and into the fallopian tubes, increasing your likelihood of having ectopic pregnancy, and worse, even infertility.

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