Vagina Douche - What Is The Best Vagina Douche For Treating Bacterial Vaginosis?

Douching with highly aggressive solutions is a very good way to clean your vagina. You’ll be so clean, that you’ll squeak when you walk. Unfortunately, this is not medically desirable.

Cleaning your vagina from every last bacteria will get it raped. When douching with very aggressive solutions, you alter the pH of your vagina. If you unknowingly made your vaginal environment more basic, then you’re practically putting up an unspoken invitation for the bad bacteria to get in and multiply. This can cause you bacterial vaginosis.

However, there is a proper way to do a vagina douche. The main factor would be the douching solution. You see, depending on the solution you use when douching, you are either harming yourself, particularly your vagina, or protecting yourself by increasing the acidity of the vaginal environment.

Boric acid seems to be considered the most effective home douching remedy for bacterial vaginosis. It decreases the pH of the vagina, making it less conducive for bacterial growth. Apple cider vinegar also has a reputation when it comes to home remedies for BV. You mix a tablespoon of it with a quart of warm water and you’ll be acidic again. Brands with potassium iodide are also effective in decreasing vaginal pH.

There are many vagina douche brands out there. Choose the ones that help decrease pH to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. It plays a major role in maintaining homeostasis in the vagina, so it is imperative that you keep it acidic. Otherwise, your vagina will be a haven for anaerobic bacteria, causing the signs and symptoms of the disease.

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