Can I Use A Monistat Kit For Bacterial Vaginosis? - How Effective Is It To Use Monistat Kit For BV?

If you have ever had bacterial vaginosis, then you will agree with me that it is not an easy infection to deal with. That fishy smell and cheese like discharge you get can actually reduce your self confidence and get you asking yourself if you are the same like other women or if you are just an outcast. That is why it is very important that you start treating your bacterial vaginosis once you see its symptoms and have gotten a proper diagnose of from your doctor or health care provider. As you might already know, there is much you can do to treat BV. You can use natural, herbal, medication or homemade remedies to get rid of this infection once and for all. In this article I will be talking about one very popular treatment option for BV which is Monistat Kit. Can you Use a Monistat Kit for Bacterial Vaginosis?

So How Effective Is It To Use Monistat Kit For BV?

There are women who continually ask themselves can I use a Monistat Kit for bacterial vaginosis? Really, until now most women often confuse bacterial vaginosis with yeast infection and vice versa.

While both are vagina infections, they are completely different as the former is caused by bacteria and the latter is by fungi or yeast.

Monistat is an over the counter pharmaceutical medication for yeast infection and not for bacterial infection. Since it is designed to manage yeast infection, it may not have the same effect in treating bacterial infection such as BV.

Furthermore, whether you are treating a yeast or bacterial infection, usually pharmaceutical medicines only give temporary relief from the symptoms of vaginal infections. Using the Monistat kit may not be as effective when used long term to treat yeast infection.

As with bacterial vaginosis, you can find a better option in using a holistic natural treatment. Get an accurate diagnosis from your physician to determine that what you have is indeed bacterial vaginosis and not fungal or yeast infection.

Explore your natural treatment option such as eating the right foods with the right nutrients specifically to treat BV infection such as Vitamin B or folic acid, Vitamin C and E, using lactobacillus acidophilus to restore the normal balance of bacteria in your vaginal area.

There are many other tips and techniques to cure bacterial vaginosis you can get from online. Then you will no longer have to ask can I use a Monistat Kit for bacterial vaginosis because you would already know the best answer.

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