Is It Right That Bacterial Vaginosis Can Instigate Infertility? - The Relation Between Bacterial Vaginosis And Infertility

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On the subject of bacterial vaginosis, the medical world still has much to dig up. There is a vast amount of research going on for the infection to try to determine its actual cause and to what extend it can affect a woman's reproductive system. But before we get the answers from these researches and studies, there'll always be speculations. One of these speculations you'd hear people speak about is the relationship between bacterial vaginosis and infertility. Is it true that a vaginal bv infection can cause infertility in women? In this article I'll make an effort to answer this question, and also will be giving you a good number of techniques, tips and tricks on how to treat A vaginal bv infection and stop it from ever coming back to trouble you.

Is It True That A vaginal bv infection Could Cause Infertility? – What Is The Link Between These 2 ?

Have you ever wondered how those little microorganisms called bacteria can affect your ability to bear kids? When bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria in the vagina, an infection called Bacterial Vaginosis occurs. So, Is It True That Bacterial Vaginosis Can Bring about Infertility?

There are times that the bacteria causing Bacterial Vaginosis can infect the fallopian tubes. When the fallopian tube is damaged, egg cells won't be able to travel to your uterus. Thus the sperm cells are going to be prevented from meeting the eggs as well. Additionally, the bacteria from the vagina can travel to your uterus, which is where an egg cell implants itself during conception. An infection of the fallopian tubes and the uterus is called Pelvic inflammatory disease – a complication of Bv.

If you're wondering Is It True That Bv Can Cause Infertility? The answer isn't as straight as you imagine. Apart from the apparent problems, the relation between bacterial vaginosis and infertility lies in the stress caused by the infection. This makes an individual to engage in activities, which are not helpful in child bearing like sleeping late, smoking, and drinking alcohol. The infertility in this case is not permanent though. The problem can be resolved through the treatment of the Bacterial Vaginosis and a change in way of life.

In conclusion, the relation between bacterial vaginosis and infertility just isn't clear. Bv isn't a direct cause of infertility. More accurately, infertility is a result of a number of effects rooting from Bv. It is best to get rid of the root cause to be able to avoid worse problems like inability to bear children in the future.

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