What Are The Threat Factors Related With Bacterial Vaginosis? - The Danger Of Having Bv

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There is so much that has been said about bacterial vaginosis and one is almost tempted to say some of this stuff is pure myth. For example, what are the risk factors associated with bacterial vaginosis? Is it really true that this infection can reduce or completely stop fertility in women? What exactly is at stake if we leave this infection untreated? In this article I answer some of this question and try to help you understand more what this infection truly is and what you can do to cure it and prevent future bouts of the infection.

Are They Any Risk Factors Associated With Bacterial Vaginosis?

What are the risk factors associated with bacterial vaginosis? This should be seriously considered when looking for the most effective treatment for the infection or to prevent being infected with bacterial vaginosis in the first place.

All women are at risk of experiencing the infection. But the risk of having bacterial vaginosis is greater for most women with the following factors:

• Active sex life especially when one has new or several sex partners
• Douching
• Use of IUD as a contraceptive device
• Pregnancy

The above are the usual answers to what are the risk factors associated with bacterial vaginosis. These factors increase your likelihood of having the infection although it can also be said that the presence and absence of these risk factors does not automatically make you a victim of or free from bacterial vaginosis.

Contrary to common belief, bacterial vaginosis is not sexually transmitted. A woman can't pass on the infection to her partner in the same way that you can't get the infection from merely having sexual contact with your partner. You can't also be infected from pools or beaches or from toilet seats.

Knowing what are the risk factors associated with bacterial vaginosis can help you prevent the occurrence of the infection, which is by far the best treatment for the infection. Otherwise, you would have to explore your treatment options and most are finding that natural treatment is the better option as it is safer and proven to work effectively in getting rid of BV long term.

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Many ladies, particularly pregnant, usually ask this question: how dangerous is bacterial vaginosis within the first trimester? The primary thing to take note of is that BV isn't any an infection a pregnant girl would need to have. By this i imply you need to do everything so as to do away with it. If you wish to get the most effective tips to treatment bv, then you simply should look a bit around the internet. In case you additionally wish to know what are the danger components associated With bacterial vaginosis the all that data you may get online.

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