Natural Home treaments To Effectively Get rid of Bv and Prevent It From Coming Back

Natural Home remedies To Effectively Cure Bv and Prevent It From Coming Back

In general when someone who is affected with bv and consults to a gynecologist, she will be prescribe with antibiotics most probably. This type of treatment is very effective to treat the infection but the problem is "Does it prevents the infection to strike again?”

Simply the answer isn't, because usually after treating this ailment with antibiotics this infection will come back again after few weeks after treatment. This is because Broad spectrum antibiotics kill not just the harmful bacteria but as well as the good ones. Therefore this increases the chance of having a recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

To solve this problem, I want to give you some of the perfect natural home cures to effectively cure vaginal bv infections and prevent it from coming back.

1. Always have a well-balanced diet. Make sure your daily meal is complete with all the essential nutrients and minerals vital in enhancing the immune system. its very critical to avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, fatty foods, and processed foods. While drinking or eating yogurt is recommended because it increases the number of good bacteria within the vagina.

2. Maintain healthy sexual lifestyle. Always practice safe sex by using protections like condoms or as much as possible abstain from having sexual intercourse during the course of the disease. Having multiple partners is also discouraged.

3. Keeping the vagina clean is also very effective in alleviating the itching and burning sensation inside the vagina. you can do this by washing your organ frequently and keep it cool and dry. it's also helpful to wear cotton underwear and loose clothing to promote a cool environment.

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