Helpful Natural cures To Get rid of your bv and Fights Its Signs or symptoms

Helpful Natural Remedies To Get rid of your bv and Fights Its Signs and symptoms

Bacterial Vaginosis is an ordinary ailment that can happen to any women. There are various factors that could cause a vaginal bv infections namely vaginal douching, tight clothing and multiple sexual partners. Even though it is not a dangerous ailment it still can present very disturbing symptoms.

Here are the most common symptoms of vaginal bv infections:
-gray, white, thin, watery discharges
-Vaginal itching or burning sensation
-Fishy vaginal odor

Now here are some helpful natural cures to treat BV and fight its symptoms:

One of the very best ways to deal with bv naturally is by cleansing the vagina with water as frequently as possible. In this manner, the bacteria that causes foul odor will be wash away. Just make sure that the water you are using is clean.

Another way to fight the Bv symptoms is by wearing cotton and loose clothing because this allows the vaginal skin to have a space to breathe. Thus, promoting a cooler environment for the vagina as well as decreasing perspiration.

Next effective way to cure bv is the use of yogurt. Inserting a tampon soaked with yogurt or drinking 2 to 3 cups of yogurt everyday helps increase the number of good bacteria within the vagina which helps in fighting the harmful bacteria. By directly replenishing the body’s depleted supplies, healing is naturally promoted.

Using tea tree oil is also very effective in treating bv. it's one of the most powerful natural antiseptics that could help to naturally kill the harmful bacteria and do away with foul vaginal odor.

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