Candida Vaginitis - Best Ways To Get Rid Of Your Bacterial Vaginosis And Candida Vaginitis

Most common types of vaginal infection are candida vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis. Symptoms of these infections are unusual vaginal discharge (different color and foul odor), irritation and soreness of the vagina, pain and bleeding during sex.

These diseases happen because the natural balance of the bacteria around the vagina has been disturbed. Usually, this happens when another species of bacteria over-dominates the environment, or maybe vanishes. The most common thing that happens is that the natural acid-producing bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria around the vagina disappears, making it more vulnerable it infection.

Candida vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis are two examples of vaginal infections. They are technically different but both have the same symptoms. Candida vaginitis is caused by Candida albicans while bacterial vaginosis is commonly caused by an upsurge in the population of the bacteria called Gardnerella vaginalis.

The best way to treat candida vaginitis is by administering anti-fungal treatments such as imidazole creams or fluconazole tablets. These can be bought over the counter, meaning without prescription. Usually, these methods are effective. If two weeks pass without improvement, then go see a doctor. And if you are pregnant, immediately consult the doctor.

For bacterial vaginosis, the best was to treat it is by administering an antibiotic like Metronidazole. Usually taken in tablet form, it is given at the usual dose of 400 mg twice a day for seven days. This is usually effective if the routine is completed religiously. However, it has side effects, like vomiting and dizziness. It is also not advised to take it with alcohol.

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